Frequently asked questions

Does the Hotel have a parking lot?

Yes it does, the parking lot is guaranteed to all guests and it is free of charge. A portion of parking spaces is immediately adjacent to the Hotel and another part is located in a parking lot 200 meters away from the hotel.

How is the beach service organized?

The hotel does not have a beachfront property but has a special agreement with all the beach establishments in front of the Hotel. It is possible to request an all-inclusive quote including also the sunbeds and umbrella on the beach.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, they are. Your pet is allowed in the Hotel. Pets can stay in the room with you and go through the common areas except the dining room, to meet all hygiene regulations and respect the other guests. The beach establishments in front of the Hotel have a pet friendly area for your pet to access the beach with you.

What services does the hotel offer for small children?

For your baby you will have: cradles, sides for the bed and baby bath tubs, and 5 specific TV channels with cartoons. On request you can have also strollers. Bikes for adults have seats for children. Every day the kitchen prepares delicious and nutritious meals for children, with fresh and first choice ingredients (pasta, vegetable soups, meat or vegetable broth …). In the dining room you can find: high chairs and baby cutlery and even meal times are adapted to children.

Do the rooms have a balcony?

Yes, they do, except two single rooms that have only windows. The Mare da vedere rooms have the balcony right in front of the sea, the Mare da ascoltare rooms have a side overlooking the sea and they still provide you with a wonderful view of the coast, the Mare da vivere rooms, have a balcony overlooking the promenade, or overlooking the side of the Hotel where you can catch a small glimpse of the beach.

At what time is the room available?

The room is available starting from 12.00 p.m., but when ready early, you will receive its keys early. If you wish to travel in comfort and arrive in the morning even if the room is not available, you can check in, leave your luggage near the reception, park the car and maybe take a walk on the beach while waiting for your room, and right away begin to enjoy your vacation on the beach.

At what time do I have to check out of the room?

Normally, check out is 9:30 a.m., but if the room was not booked by other guests, the room is available to you until the time of departure without any extra fee. In any case, the Hotel makes available to every guest a bathroom where it is possible to have a shower before departure, so that guests can enjoy the beach until the last moment.

Does the beach establishment have entertainment?

The entertainment service is available during the day at every beach establishment in front of Hotel. The beaches offer a program of entertainments for adults and children. In addition, during the week, you can find nights of live music, dancing and entertainment for children and adults organized in collaboration with other hotels in the area.