Romagna cuisine is served

Among recipes of Romagna and included beverages at meals

The cuisine always was the pearl of the Clitunno Hotel, the place where Guerrina expresses all her skills; where every day together with the precious help of Franca, she brings to the table the most delicious recipes of the local tradition.
The best dishes? Pizza, piadina and strictly homemade pasta.
Every day you sit down in the restaurant room and the first and second courses are directly served at your table. Sometimes the choice are three, sometimes two, other times one but really special. You do not have to choose, but to taste what you like best.
At Clitunno Hotel in Rimini with Romagna cuisine, all draught beverages (water, local wine, beer, soft drinks) are included and for any change on the menu you only have to notify the staff to find the right alternative for your palate.

In the morning enjoy the sweet and savoury breakfast of your dreams

You wake up in total relax because you know that a luscious buffet is waiting for you in the dining room.
All coffee shop products, from cappuccino to hot chocolate are served exactly as in the bar. If you love sweets you can find: cakes, tarts and homemade ciambelle right out of the oven.  If you prefer savoury food, there is also a wide selection of cold cuts and cheeses to prepare a great sandwich.
You can enjoy your breakfast outdoors on the terrace facing the sea.

From aperitif to dessert, special gastronomic events

Clitunno Hotel loves to pamper its guests with the little rituals of specialties.
Like the dessert prepared by Tamara and served every day after dinner on the outdoor veranda. A pleasant moment of meeting, made to be together and enjoy all the delicacies of the homemade pastries.
Even ice cream after lunch, appetizers or piadina with Nutella after dinner, or a bombolone donuts with cream served directly under the beach umbrella.
At Clitunno Hotel many are the opportunities to smile … with a full belly!

The day of departure is approaching.  Do you already miss the Romagna cuisine?

The Fabbri family is pleased to sweeten your return home with a culinary gift, such as a pack of piadine or our famous tart cake.